This software supplier of warehouse management systems (WMS) came to GMA with a website that was languishing on page four of Google for its main search terms. With an outdated website that was sorely in need of a design and SEO refresh and the client taking an ad-hoc internal approach to marketing, the product was a desirable one – but prospects were unable to see that fact during their customer journey.

Through GMA’s targeted marketing strategy, complete with a regular content plan, this client has enjoyed results beyond their expectations.


Slickly Designed Brochures

The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

During this client’s initial meeting with Dean Spencer, GMA’s Managing Director, Dean noticed that their website was severely out of date, in need of both SEO optimisation and a content refresh.

The client’s software was not being shown off to the fullest extent, with unattractive and low-resolution screenshots the only visual representation of the software in use. Additionally, Google’s algorithms had undergone some significant changes since the site was originally created – and it had not been updated to align with these algorithm changes, leaving it stranded on the fourth page of Google’s search results.

The client had previously put some time into marketing internally, but without effective direction, with the marketing’s sporadic delivery seeing few results.

The GMA strategy for this client has two essential focuses: raising brand and product awareness with a fully integrated lead generation strategy and streamlining the customer journey for a smoother, easier purchasing experience.


A Targeted Strategy

The Delivery

GMA’s first action was to give the client’s site a complete redesign. With precise SEO-targeted copy rewritten for each page, the site was reorganised for a more intuitive customer journey. To replace the screenshots, we created a series of videos showcasing the software’s features, advantages and how it could apply to the customer’s own needs. The videos we created for the client were placed strategically around the website, with GMA’s advanced website tracking tool monitoring where visitors were coming from, and which parts of the site they were spending the most time on.

These videos, accompanied by a two-minute “explainer” video succinctly introducing the client and their range of software, were used to great effect on the client’s website – but they also featured within email and social media promotion and even press releases.

Regular updates and content through social media and email campaigns kept customers and prospects up to date with the client’s latest news and products, with clear calls to action funnelling customers back to the client’s website, where our cutting-edge website tracking allowed us to add prospects to our Telemarketing database.

Alongside social media and email campaigns, GMA created an online brochure promoting the diverse range of software the client delivers, with screen-recorded demo videos giving customers a complete picture of how the software could be used and capitalised upon.


Far-Reaching Advertising

Lead Generation

A crucial addition we make to any client’s site or landing page here at GMA is the integration of our website tracking tool. This tool discreetly tracks visitors to the client’s page, allowing us to analyse how they found the site, and, if relevant, which business they belong to. This insight allows us to tailor our marketing strategy for a more targeted result – but in the case of a B2B client such as this one, it also allows us to utilise our Telemarketing strategy more effectively.

Previously, many of the client’s lead generation and promotion efforts had been tailored to the tastes of competitors within the industry. GMA’s lead generation strategy reframes these messages with the customer’s needs and desires in mind, using a combination of telemarketing, content marketing and specialist website and landing page design to convey the convenient time-saving and productivity-boosting features of the client’s software.


What Does the Future Hold?

The results of our campaign were explosively successful, with so much new business acquired that the business’s owner has been able to downsize his own role within the company to focus on his personal brand – a brand which he has also hired GMA to market and promote.

From the fourth page of Google, the client’s website now sits as the first organic result on Google for their keywords, with a clear customer journey and content strategy that attracts a regular stream of relevant leads and customers. With a steady marketing strategy, the client now occupies a comfortable leading position within their industry.