International Static Seals Manufacturer

When GMA first met this German-based business, they were looking to expand into the UK market – but possessed no UK collateral. The marketing strategy we crafted for them was based on developing attractive, compelling collateral and generating new leads for a high-end B2B market, mostly through the Oil and Gas sector.

This strategy is one we have now been delivering for over a decade in a highly sector-driven and specialised environment, propelling the client to their current status as widely acknowledged knowledge leaders in the industry.


Engaging Email Campaigns

The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

During the Discovery Session, Dean Spencer, GMA’s Managing Director, highlighted that the German head office drove all of the subsidiaries to the German collateral. The main problem with this was the collateral was all in German, and marketing efforts were restricted due to this issue.  

There were also 5 compounds of material type that the business sold, for different uses and therefore different buyers. There was an added complication of a third-party client: the client frequently sold into original equipment manufactuers (OEMs), yet this was also something many of the client’s customers did too.

The client’s main online competitors were stealing all of the online business, and as the client had no online English language presence, its own online sales were zero.

However, widespread industry knowledge in the technical aspects of the client’s product was very limited, and this was where GMA saw a strong potential competitive advantage and an opportunity – to build the client’s brand as the industry’s knowledge leaders.


The Delivery

The full group website GMA designed and built for the client holds six mini-websites within itself, each mini-website able to stand alone or work within the group. As a whole, the entire website showcases the client’s vast product catalogue.

We ran our organic SEO strategy on each mini-site, and as a result, all six mini-sites rank number one on Google in their field for their main search terms. Alongside the organic campaign, our PPC campaigns also rank consistently in the top two positions, so any search term for the client’s main compounds places their website at the top of the results for both paid and organic searches.

Alongside our SEO strategy, we created a knowledge-focused section on the website to advise non-technical buyers on the different compounds and their ideal environments, cementing the client as a figure of trust.

To promote the client’s considerable competitive advantages to the new UK market, we created a series of sleekly designed email campaigns on topics including the client’s fast delivery times, unrivalled technical knowledge, and accreditations. These email campaigns have also been used to keep current customers up-to-date on the client’s latest news, new products and advancements, along with customer surveys.


Lead Generation

Targeted Landing Pages

To generate UK leads for the client, we began driving traffic to their website through a highly-targeted, precise AdWords campaign which currently receives 200,000 – 300,000 impressions per month.

In addition to these campaigns, we run AdWords campaigns targeting specific core product areas, targeted to the relevant sectors of the industry to continuously generate enquiries.

In addition to driving traffic to the client’s website, we have also designed and created landing pages targeted to specific sectors, with AdWords and social media campaigns to pull traffic towards these pages.


Fluid Website Design


The combined strategy of our targeted PPC campaigns and SEO expertise have ranked the client at #1 for both paid and organic search engine results for their chosen keywords and keyphrases. In a niche, highly specialised market this has made them a ubiquitous fixture.


When the client first approached us, they had no English-language collateral and a limited online presence. Throughout our time with them, we have been part of designing, building and producing a cohesive, persuasive stable of online and offline collateral targeted to the UK market.


From being unknown within the UK market, with no English-language collateral, the client has evolved into the leading provider within the UK industry, with a reputation as a trusted knowledge leader, high sales, and new opportunities