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Targeted Landing Pages

The departure of this software company’s marketing manager prompted them to seek out an outsourced marketing company to increase their exposure to the market, leading them to GMA. The marketing strategy we have designed for this client is based around brand exposure and increasing market share in a highly specialist field, and has lead them to a larger platform in their industry.

Our lead generation tactics for this client have seen unprecedented success, sometimes necessitating that we halt them to give our telemarketing department the opportunity to follow up on the influx of new leads. With video case studies and on-location filming at conferences and the NEC Advanced Engineering Exhibition, our sleek new branding and dynamic copy for them has led them to become a thought leader in their field.


The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

As a software and consultancy company in a specialist market, this client desired a marketing strategy that would give them a strong position as an industry-leading provider.

The strategy for this client was designed to feature a versatile mix of activities which would yield quick results and activities which would create a more sustainable growth over a longer period of time.

During the Discovery Session, GMA’s Managing Director Dean Spencer also discovered that while customers were reporting satisfaction with the client’s software products and services, the journey from prospect to customer was often a bumpy one thanks to a jumbled and SEO-unfriendly website structure, combined with a lack of diverse customer targeting and outreach options.


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Regular SEO-Boosting Blogs

The Delivery

The client’s highly specialised field is one that requires a targeted approach, with GMA beginning our marketing campaign by building a complete suite of collateral. This includes video case studies of the client’s previous customers, filmed and produced by us, as well as a short “explainer” video, which succinctly packs the unique features and advantages of the client’s range of software into a compelling two minutes.

Filming for this client also took place on-location, with videos created and produced by GMA showcasing the client’s presence at exhibitions and conferences across the country – including their own conference. These videos were later repurposed as promotional material featured in marketing for the client’s conference.

One area of activity where video integration has proven extremely successful for this client is the regular email campaigns GMA has designed and run for them. Targeted at potential sign-ups for the client’s conferences, these email campaigns focus on promotion of the client’s impressive speaker programme. With prospects funnelled through the regular email campaigns to a targeted landing page, sign-ups are high, with turn-out exceeding the client’s initial targets.

In addition to driving sign-ups to the client’s conferences, GMA has also aided their presence at exhibitions and conferences with complete design support, with eye-catching exhibition graphics and stands to ensure the client stands out amidst the crowd.

In order to boost and improve organic search results, GMA has restructured the client’s website, integrating SEO-friendly features to appeal to Google. One notable SEO-boosting activity introduced by GMA is regular blogs, posted on the client’s site. In addition to pulling a new readership – along with new customers – to the client’s website on a weekly basis, these blogs greatly improve the client’s position in search engine results.


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Sleek Email Campaigns

Lead Generation

GMA’s lead generation strategy for this client has yielded great success, with unprecedented positive results.

The client was seeking some quick results in addition to their more steady growth, prompting GMA to employ our expert Telemarketing team. Using targeted prospecting via social media platforms and with the help of our advanced tracking codes installed on the client’s online presences, the level of success seen by our telemarketing activity is high.

While telemarketing prospects are passed directly to the client’s Sales team, other leads are generated by tailored landing pages. These landing pages, designed in the strategic GMA “funnel” style, streamline the customer journey, leading prospects through the most compelling parts of the client’s collateral to a powerful call to action.

Leads are driven to these targeted landing pages through email campaigns, leaflets, and even magazine adverts, with research by GMA into industry magazines proving that this unusual approach was a highly effective one for the client’s particular niche.


What Does the Future Hold?

This client was already engaging in regular marketing activity when they first signed up with GMA, but with GMA’s tailored marketing strategy, their results increased exponentially from what they had been previously.

Now, with a stronger platform and a wider brand recognition, this client benefits from the sustainable building blocks laid in the foundation of the bespoke GMA strategy.

With a strong position in Google’s organic search results, a suite of powerful marketing collateral, and a new position as a thought-leader within the industry, this client continues to make waves within their sector.