Innovative Provider of Full-Service Print Production

Innovative Provider of Full-Service Print Production

Innovative Provider of Full-Service Print Production

This client came to GMA with a fresh new management team inheriting a print business with a variety of diverse departments and functions. The business had built an image within the industry as a traditional print business but, as the new management team told GMA, wanted to spread its wings and diversify.


The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

A Sleek, Responsive Website

The first step in every GMA consultancy is our Discovery Session. Each Discovery Session is unique to the company, a highly effective meeting that is designed to uncover the essential components that the particular company needs to succeed. Dean Spencer, the Managing Director of GMA, met with the company’s management team to discuss the business model, position in the current market, the range of services and more.

Over the course of the session, it became clear that the business was giving away many services for free at the beginning and end of the print process itself. The suggestion was put forward by Dean to section the business and its range of services into three separate divisions, accessible both individually and as a full service. Dean also realised that the business had many key USPs and competitive advantages in a diverse variety of areas – but that its biggest challenge would be promoting itself to the multiple decision-makers on different levels of its client base.

The suggestion of three departments was well-received by the client, who GMA supported in the rebranding process, creating a marketing strategy that clearly explained the roles and services of the three departments.

The first department was structured into a concept, design and pre-print support service, able to appeal to customers outside of their old customer base – customers unfamiliar with the technical details of print, looking for advice, insight and support.

The second department was born from the client’s original main service – the print division. Covering traditional print, digital, lithographic and screen print, this division is now able to appeal not only to the client’s regular customer base but also to new customers introduced to the client through its first department.

The third department places the client in a unique position in their market. With a full in-house warehousing, fulfilment and delivery service, the client is able to maintain control of a project from start to finish, with no third-party costs or time delays. Not only is this service very attractive to customers who had already been introduced to the client through the first or second department, it is also able to target end-users seeking fulfilment, call-off and warehousing options for completed projects and campaigns.

Though each department is able to offer a complete service on its own, the true advantage for the client and its customers lies in the full end-to-end service – a unique and attractive offering in the client’s market.


Clear Calls to Action Combined With Attractive Design

The Delivery

Due to the client’s desire to rebrand, our first step was to create fresh collateral with a new look suited for today’s market.

Creating a clear and easy-to-follow communication of the client’s trio of departments was essential to their success. GMA knew that if customers could not understand the client’s concept – a full-service, streamlined supply chain for print production – then all subsequent promotion would fail. This essential building block formed the foundation for the client’s collateral, starting with a process graphic illustrating the print supply chain as it made a complete journey from design to delivery through the client’s range of services.

This graphic sits prominently on the client’s redesigned website, which features GMA’s slicker, mobile-friendly design and dynamic SEO-optimised copy.

To accompany the client into sales meetings, presentations and exhibitions, GMA designed and created an intuitive app, built to give the client a quick, simple way to explain their wide range of services and unique offering. With the touch of a finger, the client was able to show the sheer scale of their services, transporting customers on a visual journey through the print supply chain with just a single provider: the client. To give further context, we created a series of case studies from the client’s past projects, as useful examples for the client’s sales team to share.

Our photographer paid a visit to the client’s site, leaving with a collection of high-quality, attention-grabbing photos showcasing the client’s vast capabilities. These photos, incorporated into our design for the client’s website and sales app, delivered an authenticity unmatched by stock photography.

Footage captured at the client’s site was also used in the creation of a slick live-action promotional video, filmed and produced by our in-house team. This live-action video was accompanied by an animated “explainer” video – popular in today’s market – which succinctly condensed the client’s diverse offering into one attractive proposition.

Along with all core collateral, GMA also organised a complete set of essential lead generation collateral, with a telemarketing script, landing pages tailored to specific customer demographics, and social media promotion supported by specialist software.

GMA’s hands-on approach is an unusual one within the world of marketing agencies – but as the client’s management team became busy with essential day-to-day work, our team ensured the strategy stayed on track, through complete communication and support.


What Does The Future Hold?

The decision to rebrand and restructure the client’s business has had a strong impact. Currently, in a transition period, the client’s new position in the market is completely unique, with a strong USP and compelling competitive advantages.

Originally marketing primarily to print buyers – a market traditionally interested in cost-effectiveness – the client now has access to every part of their industry’s supply chain. With the client’s streamlined full-service concept, they are now the sole owners of an irresistible USP.

At GMA, we design every campaign to be sustainable. That’s why, as we accompany the client on their journey, we also offer guidance and training, to ensure the client has a total understanding of the strategy behind their promotion and lead generation tactics. With the client now ready to carve out a unique position in today’s print market, GMA is supporting them as they embrace a bold new business model.