Industry-Leading Engineering Manufacturer


For just under a decade we have worked with this engineering company to create and deploy a compelling marketing strategy that has propelled them to leaders of their industry with a significant market share.

A Responsive Website Redesign

Our attractive website redesign includes almost 30 filmed case studies and 20 technical videos showing off their extensive product catalogue and is accompanied by a cutting-edge app. Meanwhile, our dynamic press releases, telemarketing campaigns, magazine advertising and email campaigns form part of a strategy that consistently generates new leads, new growth, and new opportunities.

We have supported many events and open houses for this client, including pre-event marketing, post-event follow-up, pitching and attending on behalf of our client, video review of the technology, and a touchscreen APP at the events, which the client’s sales team went on to use on their iPads during sales meetings.

The client now holds the number one position in their industry with a major market share, ahead of competitors with nearly unlimited budgets.


The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

Engaging Email Campaigns for Lead Generation

The client’s previous Managing Director contacted GMA after seeing one of our marketing pieces for another client. The client already had the skeleton of a strategy but it lacked cohesion and detail. As they were using a marketing consultant, a design agency, a website company and a PR company, none of whom were working together or speaking to each other, their marketing lacked fluidity and a central message.

During the Discovery Session, GMA’s Managing Director, Dean Spencer, found that the client’s promotional activities focused on sporadic email campaigns and high-cost magazine advertising. GMA formulated a strategic plan based on the client’s unique competitive advantages, devising several target market areas of delivery. We also opted for well-written and informative press releases and case studies, to build the client’s reputation as a knowledge leader.

Dean also noticed that the client’s customer reviews were outstanding, yet were not displayed anywhere within the client’s collateral. GMA planned several video case studies each quarter, to showcase these positive customer experiences more prominently.

This particular plan has developed into a very intellectual marketing strategy, with a variety and versatility of collateral that has made it one of our most interesting case studies to date.


The Delivery

Our strategy for this client has developed a focus on both knowledge-based collateral and strong lead generation, with activities to suit both targets.

Today, this client is recognised as a strong knowledge-leader within the industry, with the resources and marketing activity to back this reputation up.

A Cutting-Edge Sales App

This client maintains a frequent presence at exhibitions, with support from GMA in the creation and production of essential graphics, brochures and leaflets to leave a mark at events, in addition to post-event email activity following up on connections made at events and exhibitions across the country.

However, this client does not just attend exhibitions – they also hold a regular in-house Open House event, in which customers and prospects are invited to the client’s premises for technical demonstrations and live software support from the client’s team. This is an event that takes a great deal of organisation, which GMA aids with by promoting the event extensively, across social media, email, and telemarketing, with a custom-built landing page to allow attendees to book quickly and easily.

GMA also attends these Open House events in order to capture footage and photographs of the event, which we would later user in marketing activities. We also regularly film and produce case study videos, which boost the client’s credibility and reputation, and machine demonstration videos showcasing the client’s range of machinery in action.

A Digital Open House Experience

However, not every prospect is able to attend the client’s events – a loss of opportunity not only for the prospect, but for the client too. In order to maintain these valuable leads, we designed and created a Digital Open House – a mini-site open to those prospects unable to attend the event in person. This mini-site took prospects into an intuitive virtual space, with video and text seamlessly blended to create a fully realised customer experience.

In addition to showcasing the client’s diverse range of machines, both the physical and digital Open House events promoted the client’s software. In order to include this feature in the digital Open House, GMA filmed and produced a series of high-quality software demo videos, which were later also used in promotional email campaigns and landing pages.

 Demonstration videos, filmed and produced by us, also featured in one of our most unique pieces of collateral for this client: a bespoke sales app. This app, initially designed and built by GMA for the client’s use at exhibitions, allowed the client to quickly and easily showcase their vast product range, with photos, videos and specifications displayed with the click of a button. Able to be used both online and offline, this app was later expanded for use in the client’s sales meetings.

Full Magazine Advertising

Leaflets and regular magazine ads, designed and created by us, keep the client’s cohesive branding and promotion in the eyes and minds of the industry. Combining several different avenues, we have focused marketing around specific product lines and special offers for targeted results and leads.

This holistic marketing strategy also includes varied email campaigns and a full content plan for social media across all relevant platforms. By combining knowledge-based content and resources with more traditional sales messages, we have kept the client’s branding fresh, with regular traffic led back to their website and landing pages.

In addition to the marketing strategy, Dean helped define a new sales process and training with the sales team for a period of six months during the changeover of the Star MD role.


Attractive Email Campaigns

Lead Generation

Our lead generation activity for this client is varied, encompassing telemarketing, email campaigns, social media promotion and targeted landing pages, designed and created by us.

Our experienced telemarketing team make first contact with the client’s considerable database of prospects, creating opportunities for the client’s sales team. The sales meetings we organise as a result of our telemarketing activity have seen great use of our custom-built sales app, streamlining the sales process.

Through targeted email campaigns and regular social media activity, we drive prospects to a landing page designed and created by us, where the client’s features, competitive advantages, and calls to actions are presented in a sleek, modern structure. Rather than relying on one all-purpose landing page, we have diversified the client’s audience and prospects with tailored landing pages, created with specific calls to actions for particular industries. These landing pages include compelling benefits including training courses, special offers and events: tangible advantages that give the client’s prospects a reason to take interest.

These email campaigns also included customer questionnaires – and through collecting these responses, GMA was able to collate a database of positive customer reviews and testimonials which lent enormous credibility to the client’s lead generation campaigns.



Armed with a diverse toolbox of compelling collateral and a large and current database of prospects, the client has a varied bank of activity and assets to draw upon in all current and future marketing campaigns.

With a widely known reputation and USP, this client’s marketing strategy runs smoothly throughout the year, backed by a targeted content plan that consistently generates new leads.

This client now holds the leading position in their industry, with an unrivalled market share – ahead of multiple wealth