Global Specialist in Media Production Health and Safety

Global Specialist in Media Production Health and Safety

Global Specialist in Media Production Health and Safety


Monthly Email Campaigns

The Initial Consultancy and Discovery Session

“I’m incredibly impressed with the way they got into the detail of our business and the energy they’re bringing to developing our marketing approach.” – Client

This particular client is a world-renowned Health and Safety brand in TV and film production, and an industry leader within their market. Our strategy for the client encompasses a wide variety of marketing tactics promoting both their services and their expertise in their field.

The client’s marketing was originally covered by an internal marketing executive, but when that executive moved on from the company, GMA was contacted to develop a new marketing strategy and delivery.

The challenge encountered by GMA’s Managing Director Dean Spencer during the Discovery Session was understanding the complex relationship of the client’s potential buyers. The client’s buyers were a worldwide market, with many different layers. Some of these buyers were very small one or two person operations, and these particular operations often went into liquidation and started again under a new brand, meaning a relationship with them had to be established anew.

The initial work was to formulate a data strategy, developing multiple pots of data that could cross over into mixed pots for certain campaigns. We also had to tread carefully around existing relationships.

GMA’s strategy included knowledge-based marketing activities to give the client’s industry vital information on keeping the teams working on set in a TV or film production safe. The client was already considered an industry leader – GMA aimed to develop this reputation, building the client into thought leaders that potential customers knew and trusted.


The Delivery

The first piece of collateral on the agenda was an animated “explainer” video, storyboarded and produced in-house by the GMA team. Designed to succinctly communicate the client’s USP as an industry-leader with a unique speciality in pre-production, on-set and on-location work, this video communicated the client’s pedigree in just under two minutes.

An essential aspect of the client’s pedigree was their expertise and knowledge in the industry. To develop their reputation, GMA produced collateral that cemented the client as the leading voice for health and safety within TV and film production. Weekly blogs produced by our copywriting team both keep the client’s site relevant on search engine results and bring in new readers interested in production health and safety news and insight. The client’s SEO was further strengthened by tweaking website copy to appeal to the most up-to-date algorithms and regular back-linking best practice.

Along with weekly blogs, GMA produce regular email campaigns designed to increase brand recognition and generate leads for new products and services. This lead generation is bolstered by prospecting work through LinkedIn, using filters and specialist software to expand the client’s network with appropriate contacts, including new and upcoming customers.

Magazine adverts, designed and produced by GMA, brought in new leads, with essential research by GMA ensuring magazines conducive to lead generation were chosen as the adverts’ new home.

Additional ad-hoc support is provided by the GMA team for exhibitions, with our team providing guidance on promotion and sales incentives, design and production work for graphics, and communication with organisers to ensure that exhibitions – including a large networking event at the BAFTAs – were a success for the client.

Perhaps one of the most essential pieces of collateral provided by GMA was a complete overhaul of the client’s training booklet. As a first introduction to the client’s brand and work for many customers, this training booklet was a vital part of making a good first impression. The content was given a complete restructure by GMA’s copywriting team, followed by a redesign, with new imagery and a sleek new design produced by GMA’s designers.


Lead Generation

Every client has a different approach to sales and promotion, and nowhere is that truer than with lead generation strategy. This client preferred a subtler approach to lead generation, without heavy-handed calls to action or sales messages. Bearing that in mind, we opted to integrate our lead generating strategies into activity with a focus on sharing news, knowledge or resources.

The client’s industry is one in flux, with regular promotions, new positions, and new figures. This made GMA’s prospecting work for new leads a sensitive one, requiring precision and sensitivity from our telemarketing team.

We began with a series of six LinkedIn adverts, which promoted the client’s industry-leading pedigree and the breadth of knowledge, experience and specialist services on offer. Monitoring these adverts closely, along with A/B testing and data analysis, gave us a greater insight into which types of news and resources were likely to yield sustainable lead generation.

We have further capitalised on the information gleaned from LinkedIn activity with regular updates and graphics as part of a regular stream of social media activity designed to encourage brand recognition and lead visitors to the client’s website and landing pages.


Engaging Animated Videos


Our primary goal with this client was to build their reputation and market position as the industry’s foremost knowledge leader. After prolonged work with this client, their collateral has increased in scope and scale – but additionally, has become more cohesive, with a recognisable style and branding that is immediately recognisable to those within the industry as the client’s.

With updated copy and branding, the client’s look has been updated for a more competitive edge in the modern market. A busy, frequently updated social media and blog feed not only keeps the client fresh in the industry’s minds, but cements their profile as knowledge-leaders, with weekly news, resources and insight. This fresh blog collateral is also invaluable as fuel for the client’s organic search results, with the regular content boosting their SEO value.

As the client continues to grow, their brand is synonymous within the industry with knowledge leadership, quality and an unrivalled global service.